Soulful Sundays

My Sundays are meant to reflect on the upcoming week and to plan accordingly all while making sure to get the mindset in tune for the events that lay ahead . Whether that involves building out my weekly agenda to make sure I stay on track for all things that must be conquered throughout the week or to aid/assist in time management. Allotting time for daily business meetings, creative development, grabbing coffee with a friend, weekly networking events, and carving out time for health and wellness.

I read a ton of Forbes articles, one that resonates with me is the article "5 Things To Do On Sundays To Prepare For The Week Ahead" by Frances Bridges. In the article Frances discusses the following and how to incorporate them in a weekly routine -

1. Make a To Do List: This will help with time management and seeing your progress as you can set deadlines and check them off as you get things done. I enjoy checking off items on my list as they are completed.

2. Get A Head Start On Problematic or Major Projects: Getting a jump start on big projects will help alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as help you feel more prepared for the week ahead.

3. Prep Weekly Meals: Will give you one less thing to worry about and help with promoting healthy eating habits.

4. Exercise Routine: Developing a exercise routine will help manage emotions during stressful times and help relieve anxious energy.

5. Self Care: Helps prepare your mind and centers you for the week ahead.

Utilizing these 5 key elements has helped me be successful with maintaining a healthy work life balance. What are some things you do to create a healthy work life balance?


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